Poppet Construction

Construction and groundworks company

Poppet Construction Limited is a Hybrid building contractor. What differentiates it from other Main Contractors is that instead of subcontracting the work out to companies outside of the organisation, the company organically grows its own operating subcontractors from within.

This year Poppet Groundworks and Civils Limited was launched . It being the first of many operating companies to come, is already having a tremendous amount of success in the industry. Supporting both other industry contractors and Poppet Construction, acting on its own limited basis, completely self-funded and dynamically ready to tackle groundwork projects with values ranging from £200K to £3m.

The success of Poppet Groundworks and Civils is shared with Poppet Construction Limited. However recognising the benefits of having your own inhouse groundworks team is greatly marketed by Poppet Construction further more Poppet Construction can deliver on average a 5-10% saving to most new build projects by having Poppet Groundworks and Civils at its disposal.